Due to state-by-state quarantine practices from COVID-19, many companies will be adjusting 2020 trial dates. Please check back often on company pages for updates.

The Vegetable Industry Trials

Held exclusively for industry professionals, by industry professionals, the Vegetable Industry trials are focused on the newest vegetable varieties for commercial and semi-commercial use and also acts as a proving ground for adaptability to diverse climates of North America.

By appointment only, these are not open to the public.

New York Trials

New York Summer Trials is a 2-day event that puts crops to the test against the starkly contrasting seasons and notorious clay soils of the Northeast. Expect to see short row and block trials with hose and drip irrigation, heavy weed and grass pressure, and unreliable weather effects.

California Trials

California Summer Trials can span up to 2 weeks and cover 400 miles north to south. Long row trials, furrow irrigation, and loamy soils are center stage, with day and night temperatures ranging significantly depending on location.


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