Sakata Seed America was established in 1977 as a research, production and sales division of Sakata Seed Corporation. Our objective is to quickly and efficiently meet industry expectations for quality seed, strong performance and excellent yields, as well as retail and consumer demand for delicious fruit and vegetables.

Our Mission: To contribute sustainably to the betterment of life and culture of people around the world with values created through our innovative flower & vegetable varieties and through our services.
Sakata Woodland Trials
Sakata Woodland Trials
Sakata Salinas Trials
Sakata Woodland Trials

Join Us At Our Trials:

WOODLAND, CA • August 17th - 19th
Highlighting Seeds
Cool Crops:
Broccoli, Baby leaf, Beet, Swiss chard, Spinach
SALINAS, CA • August 19th - 21st
Highlighting Seeds
Warm Crops: 
Melon, Onion, Pepper, Tomato, Pumpkin, Winter squash, Watermelon